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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I drain my tub?


  • Some hot tubs have a drain along the bottom of the tub, but some drains are located behind the panels.
  • It can be easier to siphon the water out of the tub when a drain is located behind the panel (search the title “How to quickly get a siphon going to remove water from your pool cover/pool” in YouTube).

How do I fill up the tub?

  • It is important to take out your filters, and fill up the tub from the filter location (when the water enters through the filter location, it will enter directly into the plumbing).
  • If the tub is filled from the bottom of the tub, it can cause air locks to occur.

Why aren’t my jets working?

  • The jets themselves can turn flow on and off, so give your jet that isn't working a twist to see if you can turn the flow on.

How long will it take for my spa to heat up?

It all depends on the line your spa is a part of. The estimations are as follows:

  • Garden Spas: 1-2 degrees/hour
  • South Seas Spas: 3-5 degrees/hour
  • Island Series Spas: 5-7 degrees/hour
  • Island Elite Series Spas: 5-7 degrees/hour
  • Artesian Elite Spas: 5-7 degrees/hour
  • Tidal Fit Spas: 1-2 degrees/hour

Why is my spa temperature higher than what I've set it to?

During the Summer, ambient temperature outside will naturally raise the temperature of your water. Here are some possible solutions:

  • Place your filter cycle to a lower setting (see your owner's manual for instructions).
  • Place tennis balls in each comer of your spa undeneath the cover. This will allow heat ventilation.
  • Purchase something to give the spa shade (gazebo, pergola, umbrella, etc.).

Where's my owner’s manual for the tub | purchased?

Checkout our list of owner's manuals here!

Why is my tub displaying Std, Ec, or SL?

Std, Ec, and SL are the display setting of your heat mode (view which each mode means in your owner's manual).

Why is my hot tub displaying FLO?

The error code FLO could be a simple fix. The code may mean it is time to replace your filter, because there isn't enough water reaching the heater. To diagnose if you need a new filter follow these instructions:

  1. Shut down the power to the spa.
  2. Take the filter out of the tub.
  3. Bring power back to the spa by flipping your breaker on, or plugging it in to an outlet.
    If the FLO code is no longer displayed, it is time to buy a new filter, but if the code persists, contact us.

Why is my tub displaying an error code?

There are many types of error codes, so we recommend you call us for information on the code, because some codes may require service, or be a simple fix you can handle your self.

How often do I clean my filter?

We recommend cleaning the filter each week, if done so, the filter will be good for 9-12 months (not cleaning the filter will only allow the filter to last 2 months).