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Tucson Hot Tubs, founded and operated by husband-and-wife team Lisa and Taylor Panno, has been serving all of Tucson and the surrounding areas for the past 18 years. This is a local, family owned and operated company performing on the premise that success can be achieved by providing joy to people and their families. Hard work and dedication are what they expect form themselves and from every employee.

We provide leisure and comfort to our customers and take that very seriously. We have an A+ rating with the BBB and are an authorized dealer for Artesian Spas and Cal Spas. We choose to sell these brands because they are top quality American Made brands but we also service many other different brands as well. Please give us a call or stop by our Tucson Showroom today for all your hot tub needs and become part of the family.

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Nothing kills a Saturday faster than chasing a leak in your hot tub. Tucson Hot Tubs' repair service is available for any hot tub we've sold. We carry parts for major brands which helps speed up repair time. If your spa isn't working, call us or fill out the form below. We will respond promptly, find and fix the issue so you can get back to relaxing.

Want to make your spa look new again? Give us a call. We can make it look like it just came off the showroom floor. You use it, make it look good in your back yard.

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Island Spas

The Island Spas line is Artesian Spas’ most customizable line on the market. Offering 16 different spas that range from 3-10 seats and 32-72 jets, everyone can find what they are looking for! This line is categorized by 9 standard Island Spas, 5 Island Spas Elite and 1 twenthy AMP GFCI spas. The Island Elite Spas provide control of individual seat pumps and massage pressure with the patented Variable Control System.

The standard Island Spas line has many sizes and seating arrangements, and the line even offers a 20 AMP GFCI spas which can plug into any standard wall outlet. To customize your spa there are a variety of optional features such as LED lighting, water features, advanced water purification and more. This line is perfect for creating your unique island retreat.

South Seas Spas

South Seas Spas – dynamic and efficient, these spas have aesthetic appeal and attractive features.

Each moment that you enjoy in a South Seas Spa can improve your quality of life with hydrotherapy. This age-old form of healing and stress relief is based on three simple principles: heat, buoyancy and water movement (hydro-massage). Hydrotherapy is an unparalleled method of relieving stress and stress-related conditions.

Garden Spas

The Garden Spas line is the best fit for those wanting to enjoy all of the comfort and luxury of a spa without having to sacrifice space. Condo and townhome owners are no longer excluded from owning a hot tub. These spas are all equipped with a plugin to fit any standard 120 V-15 A outlet, both indoor and out. This saves the owner time and money that would have been needed to hire an electrician and wire the spa in place. The sizes of the 7 Garden Spas range from 2-6 seats and 21-27 jets. Due to their smaller sizes and convenient wiring, these spas are more budget friendly.


TidalFit Exercise Pools are ideal for families looking for an alternative to a full-sized backyard pool. The more cost-effective TidalFit not only delivers many of the same features as a regular pool, but is also much easier to maintain. Temperature control keeps a TidalFit Exercise Pool in use all year round. An ideal backyard solution for family amusement.

As a tool for fitness, health and well-being, the swimming and water resistance exercises possible in TidalFit Exercise Pools benefit people of all ages. These low-impact, high-resistance exercises are ideal for achieving general fitness while avoiding injury. Get healthy in the convenience and privacy of your own backyard.

Cal Spas™

The Cal Spas story begins 43 years ago at a crowded county fair. The year was 1978 and California Acrylic Industries was a Pomona, California based pool builder in need of a way to exhibit a large variety of pool designs in a small space. To solve this dilemma, the company created small scale versions of its formed acrylic pools and put them on display for customers. The miniature pools sparked interest and the company began to receive special requests for acrylic hot tubs. A year later, with the company's hot tub business growing, California Acrylic Industries took a leap of faith. The company stopped building pools and focused full-time on the hot tub business-and Cal Spas was born.

Cal Spas began with a small selection of hot tubs in a choice of only a few colors and styles. Gradually, the brand grew in popularity and within a few short years, Cal Spas began nationwide distribution. The company outgrew its 10,000 square foot manufacturing facility and moved company headquarters to its current 40,000-acre location in Pomona, California.

In 1995, after 16 years in the spa business, the company embraced a new direction and established its mission to grow Cal Spas into a global leader in luxurious outdoor living products. In 1997, the company launched the tagline "Changing The Way You Feel" to reflect its mission to serve dealers and customers with a full collection of Home Resort products. Shortly thereafter, Cal Spas began a gradual rollout of gazebos, barbecue islands, fireplaces, firepits and saunas.

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